The Art of Giving
Over the past few months we have been so warmed seeing how people have sought ways to reach out to loved ones , especially now with lockdown and social distancing, where at times we feel further from each other than ever. It has been so wonderful to see the lovely gift messages you have included in orders being sent to those you care about.

It's really made us appreciate how giving doesn't have to be confined to birthdays or Christmas, sometimes it's "just because" or "thinking of you"

Inspired by this, we decided to curate gift boxes that are a way to gift someone (or yourself!) an experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home, whether it’s everything you need for an evening of self care or a moment to unwind with a candle and some chocolate! 

Have a look below for more details on what is included in each box!
This is the perfect bundle of items for a cosy evening. This box includes some absolutely amazing hot chocolate from our friends at Bare Bones Chocolate and the softest Alpaca Bed Socks from Tom Lane, alongside a candle and body butter of your choice.
This a combination of any of our candle scents and delicious handcrafted chocolate from Bare Bones Chocolate, which is hands down the best we have ever tasted with such incredible depth of flavour!
October 04, 2020 — Ebi Sinteh