Our Creative Space with 91 Magazine
When 91 Magazine got in touch to say they would like to feature us in their April issue, we were absolutely lost for words! When we started OLG, we wrote down some hopes and dreams for the business and working with 91 was at the top of our list. Ever since discovering the magazine we have loved it and have been endlessly inspired by all the wonderful businesses and creatives that are showcased within its pages.
In the April issue, 91 magazine shares a glimpse into our creative space and we chat about our design process and hopes for the future. You can read the full article in the latest issue which you can get here or download digitally here!
We thought we would also share a little bit about our workspace here on our journal so read on for a little glimpse...
We started off working in our kitchen but as time went by we knew we desperately needed more space (and wanted our kitchen to look a little less like like a workshop!) We are really lucky to have a decent sized garage and so we set about  turning it into our HQ! We thought it would be nice to give you a little peek into where we make and pack up all your orders...

Due to the nature of our production processes, we knew the space had to be functional but we were keen to soften the industrial elements a little bit and make it a bright and inspiring space to work in. 
We incorporated plants to bring in some greenery and freshness and opted for a white worktable to add lightness to the space!
Hopefully one day we will be able to expand from our garage studio into a larger space to combine production, retail and workshops! One day!
April 08, 2020 — Ebi Sinteh