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Home. A place we have all been spending more time in than ever. We have always been fascinated by the different ways people live in their spaces so we've decided to chat to some of  our friends, creatives and small business owners on what home means to them. 

We caught up with Victoria and Ross, husband and wife duo and founders of lifestyle/wedding photography business  Otago Street Collective. 


Could you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We are both small town folks that moved to Glasgow about a decade ago. We have a pup called Derby and a baby on the way very very soon! We recently moved to a little village on the banks of Loch Lomond, where we run a small photography and videography company. We like all things slow, tasty and outdoors.


What is it like working together as a couple?

It has been pretty amazing so far, we both have different strengths which we bring to the business. We balance each other quite well and know each others limits so there has been no major arguments - just yet!

 Could you tell us more about your recent move from Glasgow to Loch Lomond? 

We had been living in our little West End flat in Glasgow for over 5 years, and when the pandemic hit and we both started working from home, it became pretty obvious that we needed more space.

House hunting through a pandemic wasn’t the easiest or most straightforward process, but when we found out that we were expecting back in July, it made the need more more space a little more pressing! We decided to follow our dreams of living in the Countryside and found our dream home, sold our little flat and moved in all in the space of a few months. The move to Loch Lomond at this point in our lives seemed to make so much sense and we couldn’t be more excited

We’re really keen to spend a bit of time talking people through the process of moving out of the city into rural living. There have definitely been stresses, fears and pitfalls that can be avoided pretty easily - it just took us a while to work out how it all works.

Writing down the process of making a big life change makes it sound linear and straightforward, but it’s sometimes difficult to portray the emotions of it all. It was exciting and scary in equal measure for us. We're keen to explore those hopes and fears and help people come to their own conclusion about whether or not it is for them. 

Anyone looking for information on how to make the move - come say hi!

What rituals or routines make you feel at home ?

The first night we moved into the new place, we had boxes everywhere, we were exhausted from lifting things all day and were getting used to the creaks and groans of a really old house.

We built a fort in the living room from the box marked ‘pillows and duvets’, we lit candles, I drank tea in front of the fire and Ross drank Meinklang from his favourite mug. It felt like home instantly!

A bedside table can often say a lot about a person! What’s on your bedside table?

Muji diffuser with our favourite Aesop scents

Our Lovely Goods - Into the Woods candle (which we think may be our favourite :-))

Moleskin Notebook

Aesop Handcream

and currently lots of parenting/hypnobirthing books

What is your favourite spot in your home?

Our house is over 300 years old, and since we only moved in December, we still have quite a lot of decorating to do in the bedrooms and upstairs space.



It’s been so cold since we moved in, so we’ve been spending most of our evenings by the wood burner in the living room - which is definitely our favourite spot in the house. 

A few of our neighbours have told us that Rob Roy MacGregor used to stop in at our house for a drink, as it was first built as a pub. Ross has a seat in the living room that he reckons would have been a good spot for a drink after a long day of cattle-rustling. If any historians out there can tell us if this is true or not - get in touch!

How do you like to relax when you’re at home?

In an attempt to slow down and relax into the evenings recently, I’ve (Victoria) been reading more than ever! I’m currently on my 6th book of the year, with a goal of reading 60 this year, which might be a little ambitious with a wee one on the way!


I’ve also been really enjoying baths in the evenings after finishing work, as a way of switching off from the working day and relaxing into the evening.

What We're Loving right now...


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Cinematic Orchestra, Sigur Ros, Highasakite, Bon Iver, The National, Frightened Rabbit, Bear’s Den, Johann Johannsson.


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March 04, 2021 — Ebi Sinteh

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